Recent events of the UQ BYC (1)

On May 18th I gave a talk for the Bhakti Yoga Club called “The meaning of yoga.” There were nine persons present, including myself and a couple of the other club organizers. Mainly, I described the dhyana yoga process but we also discussed karma yoga, jnana yoga and bhakti yoga. I recommended the bhakti process as the best (of course).

Some of the students had some misconceptions about bhakti yoga, considering it to be only suitable for a certain type of person, so I tried to clear up those doubts. One student thought that bhakti yoga is only for people who are into loving all of Gods creatures and hugging trees etc, whereas he is more interested in martial arts. I explained to him that Arjuna was a warrior and that Krishna taught him bhakti yoga on a battle field in between two opposing armies.

We also had some discussion about the nature of the self and whether or not there is anything higher than the self. A common misconception about the self is that “I am everything” and that therefore “there is nothing higher than me.” I explained that, whereas such ideas are quite popular these days, and although such ideas might make us feel good about ourselves if we believe in them, there is really no substantial basis to these ideas and it is better to acquire some real knowledge of the self. That knowledge can be found in the Bhagavad-gita and it can be realized through the process of bhakti yoga.

By the end of the discussion the questions turned more to the specifics of the bhakti yoga process. Most of the students who came for the talk already had a Bhagavad-gita As It Is, so I recommended that they read that to find out more about what bhakti yoga is.

We ended with prasada – some halava from Govinda’s.

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