Fall down

A couple of days ago I fell down, literally. I was on my way to the physiotherapist, to get some more treatment for my whiplash injuries, when I tripped over the pavement and flew through the air before landing hard on my knee. Ouch! So instead of going to the physio, I went to the doctor and he sent me for x-rays. Fortunately, the x-rays showed no signs of fracture but it is still quite painful and the doctor told me to use crutches until my knee gets better.

Now I am suffering with multiple injuries. I am realising how much I take the various working parts of my body for granted when, in reality, any one of them could stop working properly at any moment and cause so many difficulties. And there I was, thinking myself so independent.

The good news is that devotional service can be performed in any condition. My bodily activities may be more difficult now, but I can use this struggle as an opportunity to take more shelter of Krishna. I expect bigger tests in the future. One day this body will come to an end. My current small struggles are like preliminary exercises to help me pass that final test.

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