Women, power and shyness

“As far as the women class are concerned, they are accepted as a power of inspiration for men. As such, women are more powerful than men. Mighty Julius Caesar was controlled by a Cleopatra. Such powerful women are controlled by shyness. Therefore, shyness is important for women. Once this control valve is loosened, women can create havoc in society by adultery. Adultery means production of unwanted children known as varna-sankara, who disturb the world.”

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.9.27 purport

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2 Responses to Women, power and shyness

  1. rohini dd says:

    Women have to protect themselves not only from their own tendency to abandon their shyness, but also from the tendency of men who want them to abandon their shyness. Even in ISKCON, many men will repeatedly and with no shame try to do this, intimidating them, using inverted scriptural logic, etc. Best to always depend upon Srila Prabhupada’s sublime protective instructions.

  2. Ru says:

    I think this is sexist nonsense and I’m surprised any woman would perpetuate it.

    Julius Caesar certainly was not controlled by Cleopatra. His life, death and military career happened entirely independent of her and she died prematurely surrounded by enemies who resented her power. This is this kind of platitude that is meant to maintain women in submissive positions while men do not even control themselves. “There there girls, you’re powerful in a *special* (ie. non-powerful) way.

    As for women maintaining their shyness or the world falls into catastrophe – it’s just another version of the toxic Eve or Pandora myth: women’s sexuality being dangerous and so must be suppressed. It’s not dangerous, it’s threatening to men’s egos, there is a difference. The dangerous sexuality in this world is the male version. Millions of women and children and animals fall victim to it very year. Besides unshy women can be celibate, unpromiscuous or lesbian, past menopause or infertile!

    Finally, as for children born from adultery not being wanted. Not wanted by men perhaps, wanted by women.

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